Open Data and Open APIS.

Posted on Thursday, 19 March, 2015

I've had a very enjoyable evening at ODIConnect, the forum for members of the UK's Open Data Institute. I'm representing and showing visitors to the ODIConnect's Demo Cafe how easy it is to share real-time data with others via this exciting platform.

The excellent panelists gave example after example of the huge economic and societal benefits that open data provides, but there are still serious technical barriers to opening up data and creating open APIs. There is great political will in the UK to open up data, but yet again, technological inertia stymies attempts to publish.

I've been passionate about open data for many years, but even as an experienced programmer I still find it too hard to publish data sets. That's mostly why I'm building yada, which I hope will substantially improve the ease and speed at which web APIs can be created.